Misbehaving with Parents

Misbehaving with parents is the worst thing you can do when you know they care for you. If ever misbehaved please apologize they will not hold on but will hug you back..
There one mistake and you forget all they have done for you. You want them to understand you, please once understand them. You have not been in there shoes so think before you judge. Talking is the only solution.

Say sorry now

We all are in quarantine right now. And mostly with are family, lucky!! right ? What can be more amazing then living away from cities chaos, a life where you have to struggle everyday for food, job, sleep and so much more..But wait some people are not taking quarantine positively, sad. I pity them.I hear fights going on with parents and siblings. Well to be true I had and will have fights too, that’s normal and so obvious.  Minimum three people living in a family all having different views for everything, argument is so normal. But do mind when you are in a fight with parents. I know we all have argument with our parents and that is so obvious as there is a generation gap and when there are two generations discussing and arguing on a topic there are so many different thoughts and views and mostly they do not match and that leads heating up the argument more.

But trust me people every view matters, if you think you are right and parents are not or there can be a chance that you are wrong but  you think you are right please step back a little give it a thought, that is necessary if you love your parents. Stop right there and think for a moment before saying something that can hurt them.


Todays generation including me duh!! are so proactive in answering anybody and everybody before thinking twice. Our anger is on fire and we are so confident that only our views and thoughts are genuine and fare. But please you need to stop thinking this. Nobody can know all nobody can be always right, there is always other way around and parents think that way.

Here we are talking specifically about arguments with parents and 99.99% is the chance that they will never do a thing to intentionally hurt you, you know that right ? Yes you know that but still your ego do not let you think about parents situation.
So when you all have come this long reading it lets discuss mainly on what we may have arguments.    

1. Career :- Damn the most important thing of our life right but yes firstly we have to struggle with ourselves to decide in what we should make our future and if that is not according to our parents then compel them too. Pity again 😦
But trust me your parents have a different opinion than yours because for them that is right as they just want to see you happy and ask you to choose a career that can give you enough money that you do not have to struggle for anything after them.
You must be thinking but I have a different perspective and I like doing something else how can I pursue and make a career in something I am not interested in ?Well you are right but my point is that if you think you are right you do not have to argue with your parents and say things that can hurt them, please try to understand that whatever they do they want your benefit but yes they may be wrong in understanding that you need to do something else and not what they are saying but you do not have to hurt them and then go for your decision, you can give yourself and them time and make them understand with love and examples that we do not always have to go with society but going with what our heart wants can create a whole new success story. 😊

“Make them understand your love for the thing you want to choose as career, do not fight but convince them and assure them that they are raised well to earn enough.”


2. Marriage :- We are Indians dude here marrying from our own wish is still a sin. Marriage the most important and crucial part of anyone’s life and can change our world completely in a good or bad way depending on the partner we get or choose. So here comes arguments on marriage that happens in every damn family. Todays generation wants to choose there life partner by themselves and for parents that is the most offensive thing there children can do. But parents wants to choose the person for there children and they have there reasons too.

‘Parents wait there whole life so that they can  give us in somebody’s hands(having a daughter) or bring someone in there life (having a son).’ According to parents they will always find a right life partner for there children and that is true too as parents do not want there children’s bad. But what if you like someone and you want to spend life with the one you love. Here comes arguments and serious fights that leads to so many misunderstandings due to which so many parents- children relations are effected too.

I just want to say that before you say any hurtful word or statement to your parents do not forget that how they have raised you with all the efforts and what all they have done for you.Yes I too know that parents need to understand that there is no wrong if a person wants to choose life partner himself/herself but friends there is a way to tell your feelings to your parents and convince them.

Harsh words and fights is never a right way. Parents get hurt too they get sad too and please keep that in mind that your wedding is so important to them. Mind your words when you are arguing.

Parents are your well wisher they do all for you, never wanting anything in return but love and respect. So please think before you speak. You need to tell them everything calmly and peacefully and I bet most of the parents will understand, it will take time though as changing views take time.

Yes parents can be wrong too but to save the relationship please say sorry often and give time, you will get chance to explain your things.
“Do not forget in a second all the sacrifices your parents have made for you.  You hurt your parents you hurt your god (not applicable for an atheist). Love them and tell your views without bad statements.”

*Discuss not Argue*


“18+ and we all are grown up.”, they say. Yes, responsibilites add on and we need to be mature but we were kid once and the truth is letting go that child is painful.

Fact to note is that, we all have a kid within us, whom with pace of time we put an end to.
No matter what comes in our way, we should never let that kid in us die because that kid makes us stay alive.

Happy are the beings, who despite of having so hectic schedule find their inner peace by bringing that kid out.
So against all worries and chaos, it would be a heavenly feeling if we bring out that child inside us, because at the end what counts are memories.

This Children’s Day, try and find out that child in you.

Mornihills :- Second Heaven

One’s life becomes standstill without excursions.
Everyone should have one once in while. I have always loved travelling but its been few months that i have realised that nature trips excites me more than anything.

It was this last month when one of my senior thought of going to “MORNIHILLS”, a tourist attraction in panchkula district of haryana.
The thought of going to a hill station hit me with euphoria.We were eleven in total, six bikes and yes we were all set to rock. It was my first ever road trip and ideations i had, made me more eager.
And finally much awaited time came, it was 10 on watch, we kickedoff with all the excitement delighted about what this day has to offer us.

Our first stop was GURUDWARA, what could have been better than starting off our journey with a place that is peace abundant. We had langar and redawned for days haven.
We were through and I was damn sure that it is going to be memorable. Cracking jokes, singing songs, capturing moments in our smartphones along made the blind turns more adventurous.
And ones trip become divine when weather is on point.

Coolest part was tricky roads.
Anybody would love to drive on such nasty roads. My partner was nice enough to give me the chance to ride. It was like living one of the best moments of life. Pictures were clicked all the way through.
Finally we reached the location and it was worth cherishing.The heavenly view embraced us with glee.

And when we thought we are done with, we witnessed the climax of our trip, trekking which lead us to a “WATERFALL” we will never forget. Path to waterfall was tedious and tough which made it more lit.

Big rocks made it never ending but once we reached the top all efforts seemed worth, it was the best part of trip. We enjoyed for a while and we knew its time to head back , the feeling was hearbreaking , who would want to leave a location where all you see is nature ? On our way back we discovered a museum small but sweet.

We ended our trip with dinner which made us crave for more.
Never new nature can offer happiness that cannot be expressed in words. I will definitely enshrine this trip and i am sure its flashbacks will hit us up everytime someone says MORNI.
Yes now i have another trip story to treasure. Wishing for more trips like these in near future.

To Choose

Yes i said in the previous blog i would write not often but will definately write. Although i had enough time since i last wrote but things happen when they have to happen and here i am writing all these at 4:00am in the morning as i woke up of dont know what(guessing it to be some dream of which i remember nothing) and now could not sleep.

Lying thinking of dont know which galaxy suddenly it came to this weird brain of mine that why not write something(just because i showed my blog writings to one of my behen(sister) the very previous day disclosing that i like writing too) and now suddenly have an urge to pen down something. It happens that you love doing things but could not work upon them due to many reasons(laziness in my case).
And for me i guess the difficult part is choosing a topic to write, like their are billions and you do not know on which to write. I want to write on everything in this universe and not stop (can only happen if i overcome my torpidity).

For now all i can think of is “TO CHOOSE” yes(Jesssssss i would have actually said was i having conversation with someone face to face, jess i am a little, i guess very abnormal in my own ways). First note before i go further “yes i am writing but very bad with Grammer, so ignore in case of grammatical mistakes”, hope will be better at it with time. Well i am discovering as i am writing that i do not actually need a topic to write (have written so much and still have not talked about the topic i choosed to write on).

Ohk so lets be a little serious now , CHOOSE 6 letter term but can just change your world. Yes all that is happening to us is because of what we choose and for me choosing on anything is the most difficult thing ever. Choosing from what to think, how to think, whom to be friend with, what to speak to what dress to wear, what food to eat (list is too long). I always get stuck and my brain jams up like an old spare part which had not been oiled for ages when it comes to choose between things.

Evening before yesterday we were to give farewell to one of our roomy(I live in a PG and she is not just a roomy but more like a family) and its a trend, girls come for a span and leave when they are done with their jobs (students here in chandigarh, mohali come mostly for training and jobs, live on rents for whatever time they feel like and then leave)), topic in a topic and i guess its my habit to go off the track , so coming back to choosing , we had to decide what to order online for dinner, it took around 20 minutes to eat all we ordered and more than an hour just to decide what to order. We had copy and pen with us and were choosing between dishes like it will be the next amendment in our constitution , its so hard to choose when you have so many option. After hard work of more than an hour we decided dont know what and ordered(we would have taken a decade more were we not hungry). It was just a normal daily example of choosing.

What if you have to choose for CAREER, to go with what you love to do or with what you studied for 3/4 years in your graduation(it is a life changing decision). So many thoughts flows through brain what if i decide to go with what i love ? Will i be successful ? Will i make enough money? Will my family allow ? What will society think? guess should go with what my family spent money on for four years, but i am not meant for this , i do not belong here, how can i be happy when i am not doing things i love and get stuck somewhere i should not be (dozen of more thoughts like these) and this is common with youth of India and may be most parts of world where people, parents think that the only option to survive is to go for jobs(afterall have spent lakhs on studies), little do we know money is not only what we need to live its our self satisfaction and happiness that counts more. Its Ohk to earn less and live with doing what you love then to earn more and survive with something you do not love. But in the end all we have to do is choose between heart and brain which put us in a dilemma of what will be the consequences of what we choose and this fear have dont know buried may be tonnes of dreams.

Another serious issue to choose on LIFE PARTNER choose it wisely or you have to spend your life regretting daily. Choose someone who can be your friend, even if its arrange take notes on what all you need to make the relation work like a brand new car. Its a tough one but this is for life – two lives , two families involved.

Dont know about people out there but for me choosing between anything from colour to food to dress to everything is not less then giving interview for the first time .
So its 5:13 am now and should sleep (its a working saturday, we have alternate mondays off, yes our company got swag 😎🤘) as getting nothing more to write.

Also pour your own thoughts if you have any in comments about what is the best way of choosing between things, people.

Had fun writing this. Hope will write soon(just saying , i am too lazy to write on a topic this big).


Writing (écriture in french )

Yes, “writing” – one of the best way to express ourselves , to bring out all you have in your mind, heart. Writing can give you something that is out of reach these days -> peace , it gives you peace . I always want to speak my heart out but being a bad orator yup its hard and all my emotions stays in.

I want to write , write about everything, every person, every emotion, every place. I haven’t written much but i want to write it all , it will help me find me . Writing will bring out all my thoughts which are stuck somewhere inside me.
Some write stories ,some write poetry, some write songs and some write quotes. I wish i can do it all. I dont know what good writing will do to me but i will be happy writing thats for sure.

I want people to know what i think of the world , what my thoughts are , what all changes i want in this place called earth , i want to write what can we do to make this planet a better place to live in , what love is, what friendship is, what family is.

Schedule is busy , i would love to write often , if not often i’ll write seldom but will definitely write.

Nature, Travel,Friends a perfect blend 

Few months back i realised that TRAVELLING can be so much FUN… Going around places,meeting new people,getting to know new things,and ofcourse chance to taste delicious food.. Travelling can be such a cool package one can have …and from then travelling is on my nerve ,its craze growing each day..

I would love to share a recent travel experience of mine which was a trip to MACLEODGANJ ,a place in adjacent state to mine .. I am from PUNJAB and this ecstatic place is in HIMACHAL PRADESH…

It was a college trip and yes we all were ready to rock it.. After boarding the bus we were all set for the trip , started it with a hoot.
We sang, laughed,teased,shouted,ate through the way and finally reached this magnificient hill station ,a tourist place..

Full of colors ,tibetian culture and people from all over the world it embraced us with its beauty … Going to one of their famous “BHAGSU TEMPLE” was alluring. Temple is as calm as still ocean,,, it had mesmerising buddhas and other deities statues. Full of simplicity and peace this place made us realise how captive it is ..
Being a food freak ,, i could not resist eating macleodganj’s most talked about MOMOZ and could not say no to ice cream ..

We were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of macleodganj’s eminent waterfall way to which was exciting ,,its path more like an adventure ,,water from the fall made a stream which flowed through rocks and made a view worth cherishing,,and best we could do was to capture as many pictures we could … Next to nature was market which we scanned to capture every little moment .. Pictures and selfies were clicked all the way through our whole journey ..

Sun was setting and it was time to head back ..

On our way back we were more energised instead of being tired ,, reciting punjabi boliyaan aloud ,,singing all possible old songs we could sing in chorus .. I am sure it was memorable trip for each one of us ,,, and its memories are treasured in pics we took..

Must say Macleodganj availed us to grab finest glance of nature,, its semblance appealing and intoxicating

It was indeed a day well spent ..

Looking forward to another such amazing journey which i can pen down again …

All n all ,would say

“Breathing makes us feel alive ,, so does travelling ”