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Writing (écriture in french )

Yes, “writing” – one of the best way to express ourselves , to bring out all you have in your mind, heart. Writing can give you something that is out of reach these days -> peace , it gives you peace . I always want to speak my heart out but being a bad orator yup its hard and all my emotions stays in.

I want to write , write about everything, every person, every emotion, every place. I haven’t written much but i want to write it all , it will help me find me . Writing will bring out all my thoughts which are stuck somewhere inside me.
Some write stories ,some write poetry, some write songs and some write quotes. I wish i can do it all. I dont know what good writing will do to me but i will be happy writing thats for sure.

I want people to know what i think of the world , what my thoughts are , what all changes i want in this place called earth , i want to write what can we do to make this planet a better place to live in , what love is, what friendship is, what family is.

Schedule is busy , i would love to write often , if not often i’ll write seldom but will definitely write.

nature, travel,friends a perfect blend 

Few months back i realised that TRAVELLING can be so much FUN… Going around places,meeting new people,getting to know new things,and ofcourse chance to taste delicious food.. Travelling can be such a cool package one can have …and from then travelling is on my nerve ,its craze growing each day..

I would love to share a recent travel experience of mine which was a trip to MACLEODGANJ ,a place in adjacent state to mine .. I am from PUNJAB and this ecstatic place is in HIMACHAL PRADESH…

It was a college trip and yes we all were ready to rock it.. After boarding the bus we were all set for the trip , started it with a hoot.
We sang, laughed,teased,shouted,ate through the way and finally reached this magnificient hill station ,a tourist place..

Full of colors ,tibetian culture and people from all over the world it embraced us with its beauty … Going to one of their famous “BHAGSU TEMPLE” was alluring. Temple is as calm as still ocean,,, it had mesmerising buddhas and other deities statues. Full of simplicity and peace this place made us realise how captive it is ..
Being a food freak ,, i could not resist eating macleodganj’s most talked about MOMOZ and could not say no to ice cream ..

We were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of macleodganj’s eminent waterfall way to which was exciting ,,its path more like an adventure ,,water from the fall made a stream which flowed through rocks and made a view worth cherishing,,and best we could do was to capture as many pictures we could … Next to nature was market which we scanned to capture every little moment .. Pictures and selfies were clicked all the way through our whole journey ..

Sun was setting and it was time to head back ..

On our way back we were more energised instead of being tired ,, reciting punjabi boliyaan aloud ,,singing all possible old songs we could sing in chorus .. I am sure it was memorable trip for each one of us ,,, and its memories are treasured in pics we took..

Must say Macleodganj availed us to grab finest glance of nature,, its semblance appealing and intoxicating

It was indeed a day well spent ..

Looking forward to another such amazing journey which i can pen down again …

All n all ,would say

“Breathing makes us feel alive ,, so does travelling ”